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Where Have You Been?….

Okay okay okay, its more like where have I been….

Well, on vacation, and I know I’ve been MIA for a loooong time, and no, I was not on vacation for that loooong period of time (had I won the Powerball Lottery, maybe)

We took a cruise over Thanksgiving holiday, and had an amazing time.


We spend time in Miami a few days prior and after, which was great, I’d live in Miami, ONLY, if I could live the way I’d want to, and then in that case I would NEED to have won that 550 mill Powerball game!  🙂

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Martha’s Not Showing Enough LOVE for SOUTH DAKOTA!!!

If you haven’t gotten, or read the July* issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, I’m sorry you’ll have no clue what I’m talking about…bare with me.

The issue is all about America, the land I love. Celebrating all 50 states! So, I was rather excited to see what she had to say about South Dakota, my home, my birthplace, the state I love, even thought I grew up in Nevada, and now live in Colorado.

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