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DIY: Mesh Wreath

My momma made these little beauties….


…they look so super easy to make, so much so, you might as well get a few wreath forms, a bunch of different colors of mesh and make yourself a few at a time, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having a wreath on your door all year long.

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DIY Wrought Iron

Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen this or heard of them out in blog-land.  Last year at some point I decided I wanted to give this a go, and started saving all the paper towel/toilet paper holders I could get my hands on, and in hindsight, I’d suggest only saving the paper towel ones, as they are thicker, therefore a bit more on the sturdy side.

This was a super easy project, but I won’t lie…very time consuming.  But I like the look if gave us in the end, so I’m happy!

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A Letter to You…

I can’t for the life of me remember where I originally saw this (must mean it was before my Pinterest days….haha), so if you are thee originator of this great idea and had the link to the Flickr I am going to share below…Thank you, you are amazing!!

Now, as you may notice this isn’t actually a letter to you,  you’re simply going to use a bunch of letters (numbers and symbols, if you so choose) to create this one of a kind masterpiece.

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