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Red Velvet Cupcakes

So we’ve all had Red Velvet cupcakes before, right?  I hope you have, they’re my favorite, hands down.  And I’ve come across many different variations, which in turn lead me to changing things here and there until I get something I adsoultly love.  So here’s what I got:


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Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cupcakes

I made these Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cupcakes many moons ago, but I recently came across the photo I had, and thought I would share the recipe with you here on my new site.



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Funnel Cake

Lets face it, as you grow older, do you really go to carnivals for the rides, and games, or for the food?

I want to tell myself everyone is going to say the rides and games, there is nothing like feeling like a kid again, but then reality sets in and the food wins….

Look ma…I even got out the fancy China for it!!!

whomp, whomp, whomp….

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