Cashmere Summit

beautiful + crafted + life


I’m a small town girl from South Dakota, grew up in Sin City Las Vegas, now calling home in the Mile High City of Denver.   This is my place to share my food, crafts, and thoughts, passions all from…

“This Place They Call Home”…

Who else you’ll see:

My boys: Evo & TC

Both named after a car, both labradors, both melt my heart, and yet they are completely different, just like kids!

Evo…My eldest – he’s a 9 yr-old adorably annoying yellow Labrador, with a sever case of separation anxiety when he can’t find me (ahhh… thats true love).  Rene picked him out from the breeder (don’t by at a pet shop…bad bad bad) and on the way home, I held him in my arms, he placed that little nose right up under my chin and fell asleep, ever since, he’s had a special place in my heart, that no one, man or dog, will ever be.

His Loves: Cherries (without the seed of course)

TC…The baby – a 7 year old chocolate Labrador, with once blue eyes that turned a honey brown.  He was the best birthday present I’ve ever received, although he sure does know how to get into his fair share of trouble, but let me tell you, he know’s how to get out of it REAL quick…he has his mom in the palms of his paws!

His Loves: Paper-towels and Napkins, to simmer in his mouth to turn to mush

And you have yours truly…My name is Raelynn Jean-Margaret…and I’m not from the South, as I get asked…ALOT!  My mom was just acting crazy the day she had me I suppose.  I’ve been to school twice and can’t figure out what I want to do when I grow up (says a 30{something} year old) I went for photography, and culinary arts, and I have days where I want to go back and do both!  I have a dream of living on the east coast, by the ocean, with a few acres of land to build my dream house and garden……someday…someday….And of course have kids too, thats a pretty big dream, just doesn’t always come easy for some (this is a whole books worth of a story there).  I hope you enjoy my blog, its my something I love to do, and love to share that with you!


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