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Cookie Dough Bites

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Who doesn’t love cookie dough?!?! If you don’t you should really consider seeing a doctor…. 🙂


I have NO shame in telling you I have made cookie dough before just to eat it…I mean, I eventually baked cookies, but the full intent was to just eat the RAW COOKIE DOUGH, yup..raw egg and all. I have the immune system of a bull (I dunno nuttin’ about a bull’s immune system, but I imagine its strong).

My mom even let me lick the beaters of the mixer (turned off of course) when I was little…thats real love right there…thanks mom!

Well, you’ll be happy to hear there is no raw egg in these, as there is no egg at all.

Just a few ingredients thrown in a bowl, chilled, rolled, dipped, frozen, and consumed.

What you’ll need:

1 cup almond butter

1/4 cup honey

2/3 cup unsweetened, shredded coconut

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla

1 2/3 cup dark chocolate chips (optional)*

1 tsp coconut oil (only if you are going to dip in chocolate)

Sea Salt (optional if dipping in chocolate)

*This will be total Paleo without the chocolate, you can always use Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips…the darker the better!


What you’ll do:

~Put the almond butter, honey, coconut, salt, and vanilla in a bowl and mix (no need for a mixer, just mix by hand)

~Add 2/3 cup chocolate chips (if using) into the “batter”

~Put in fridge and chill for a few hours

~Line a cookie tray with wax paper, scoop dough out into nice, round balls….(hehe) I use a smaller ice cream scooper, place in the freezer

~Once our balls are nice and frozen (yes I just said it, typed it, and laughed about it), melt 1 cup chocolate and coconut oil, mix until smooth, dip each ball into the chocolate, and sprinkle with sea salt, if you so choose.

~Freeze again

~Eat up!


This is another great recipe from FastPaleo via The Unrefined Kitchen




Author: Raelynn

Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

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