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English Toffee

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Some types of sweets are just too good to pass up, and to eat just one is just NOT going to happen.

And that’s exactly what happened when I made this English Toffee…Holy Geezzzzze it is mighty tasty!!!


I found this delicious recipe on Pinterest, and couldn’t pass it up, especially how easy it is to make, really, it was a no brainer!

What you’ll need:

1 cup unsalted butter

1 cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

12 oz milk chocolate melted

1 cup smashed walnuts


The Mix:

~You can line a dish with foil, but I would HIGHLY recommend you use a brownie bite pan for easy serving….Trust me on cutting too!

~Add the butter, sugar, vanilla & salt in a heavy sauce pan, cook over med-high heat, stirring constantly…don’t stop stirring.

~Bring to a rolling boil…KEEP STIRRING – DONT STOP…for 5-7 minutes until its almond colored.

~Working fast, with a metal scoop, pour a bit of the toffee mixture into each “bite” mold, working quickly!

~Let set for at least 2 hours

~Melt half of the chocolate in a heat proof bowl, for 30 sec, stir, then again for another 30 seconds.  Stir, and add in the rest of the chocolate and stir until fully melted, don’t place back in the microwave, you’ll risk seizing the chocolate…thats bad!

~Scoop a bit of chocolate into each “bite” covering toffee completely

~Sprinkle walnut pieces all over, and give just a slight pat down to get it into the chocolate.


~Refrigerate for an hour or (if like me) you remember that it’s in there later that night (the one bad thing about a fridge in the garage, I forget I put stuff in there).

~Pop out the toffee and hide from the rest of the family enjoy…

*The brownie bite silicon pan is made by Wilton, you can probably pick up at any craft store  (don’t forget a coupon), or maybe even the grocery store.


This recipe is adapted from Shugary Sweets..go check them out, great site! 




Author: Raelynn

Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

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