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Bow Wow Biscuits

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Yeah, not a very original name, but I’m old school like that!

Living here in Denver, getting your “paws” on barley is easy, as they say Denver is to beer as Napa is to wine….and like Raelynn says “wine is fine, but liquor is quicker”….

A co-worker of mine brews his own beer and made dog treats with the barley once it was used.  He brought me some treats to give to my four-legged children, Evo and TC (we miss you Evie girl) and they LOVED them, so on his next batch he just brought me the bag of used barley, and I gave it a try.

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 cups barley (mine was used to make beer, so not sure how dry barley would work)*

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup flour

2 eggs

What you’ll do:

~Mix all the ingredients in a bowl (a mixer or your hands will work best, no spoons needed)

~ Press with this “paws” into a cookie pan

~Scor the biscuits, don’t go all the way through, this will help in breaking them apart

~Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, turn oven to 250 and leave to dry for 2 to 2 1/2 hours

~Once cooled, break apart

~Give some to your dogs for their approval

TC approved!

Evo Loved….

*If you have any local breweries in your area go pay them a visit, they may have some used barley you can have, and in that case buy some of their beer too….support your local economy!!  🙂



Author: Raelynn

Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

One thought on “Bow Wow Biscuits

  1. how interesting….TC just approved but Evo loved them….lol

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