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A Letter to You…

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I can’t for the life of me remember where I originally saw this (must mean it was before my Pinterest days….haha), so if you are thee originator of this great idea and had the link to the Flickr I am going to share below…Thank you, you are amazing!!

Now, as you may notice this isn’t actually a letter to you,  you’re simply going to use a bunch of letters (numbers and symbols, if you so choose) to create this one of a kind masterpiece.

What I do love about this, I see it everyday, it reminds me instantly of the day I married Rene, my best friend!!

I can’t tell you though how to do what I did to make this on a PC, this chick is all about Apple, and I love my Mac!!!

You’ll need Keynote for this…(which is like Power Point for those who haven’t converted to Mac yet…kidding)…

Check out this Flickr account for all your letter, the collection is AMAZING!

Go ahead, got spend an hour or two sorting through all the choices, it’s a world wind of choice, it’s so hard to decided so grab what you like, (create a folder on your desktop for easy sorting/finding) and when you get to placing them together you can see what looks best together.

Start with the basic black background, or whatever color you want!  (think about framing,  here, I knew I would get a black frame with white matting)

You’ll want to delete the default text that will be on your background

Go to Insert > Choose

Upload your letters

And shrink them down to the size you like

Repeat that process of uploaded for all photos/letters/number you are going to use

And next is why I LOVE Keynote, and Mac’s are the bee’s knee’s…

You see all those yellow lines with numbers in them?  They are going to tell you how much space is in between your images, and if they are level with each other

See….awesome and easy, right….

So get all your images to the size you want them and all nice and even with each other.

Go to File > Export

Make sure its a JPEG file format and at the highest quality, name it and I just saved right to my desktop, or save to the file folder you created for all your photos/images you’ve been using

You can now close Keynote

On your desktop or in the folder, double-click (I’m using a Mac, don’t forget) and hover over Open With > Preview

Your keynote file will open in Preview

Go to Tools > Adjust Size

Change the width and height to something big, I changed the width to 3000 and the height changes automatically

Save that file, I rename mine, I usually simply add “Good” at the end of what I already called it, so I know that’s the one I want to use.

I use Shutterfly, because I like the, the customer service is good, shipping is fast, and prices are good as well, and they site is easy to use…OK, one more reason, which I’ll show you below.

Upload your photo into Shutterfly

Click on Order Print

Click on Preview

Click on Adjust Cropping

Crop your photo to the size you want printed…

…And there’s the reason I love Shutterfly, tells you on the bottom what it “Best Prints Up To”….anything larger than that is going to be grainy/pixellated when printed, and you’ll, in result be unhappy…trust me!  This is also why we went into preview and made this photo super big, so you can crop it down, and still make a large print.  If it’s not giving you the size you want under the “Best Prints Up To” simply go back to Preview and adjust the size to something bigger….

Now your cropping is done, you can place your order, get’er in the mail and frame your one of a kind art work!!






Author: Raelynn

Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

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