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Today has been one in the making for 6 months now.  Over Labor Day weekend we found out our beloved golden retriever Eve had a cancerous tumor in her mouth, that would most likely spread along her gums, and up into her nose, and boy did it ever.

My beautiful Evie Girl

Today we made the devastating drive to the vet to say our goodbyes and send her to heaven, to be with the other loves Rene and I have lost in our lives, Lacey, Jackie, Princess and Paco.   I know right now she’s happier than ever playing with her four new best friends, while Rene and I along with her brothers, Evo and TC mourn her passing.

Evo, Eve & TC

Their have been moments today I’ve laughed at the silly memories I have of her, and other times where I break down in tears, and my boys come along, place their paw on my and usually lick the tears off my face, I know they are telling me it’s OK, and that their sissy is in a better place.

I’ve lost very dear friends, and family in my lifetime, but there is just something about losing your dog that for me is so much harder.  To this day I have a hard time talking about Lacey, who was the collie I got in 3rd grade, and its been almost 10 years since her passing.  So I know talking about Eve will be at a minimum for a while as it’s with a heavy heart, and not wanting to break into tears, but it’s just the way we handle things in life.  I’m going to take this weekend to grieve and get as many tears out as I need, so I can be happy again, as she would want to see her momma!

March 2010, a day after we moved to Colorado

Feb 16th 2012 - getting to lay on our bed, a treat for sure as they no longer do this.

There is one thing I know for sure, is that she gave me 8 1/2 wonderful loving years, she was loyal, loving, and so playful.

Resting on TC

We called her our little fish, she loved the water and being in it, and then came the snow, she’d dig her whole body into it and cover herself in the white, cold goodness, and just was so happy about it.  She’d carry your socks around in her mouth never waiting to chew on them, just wanting to have them, and boy when you went to ask for them back, she’d bring her head down & the tale would just wag so fast, she wanted to play at that point.  So many fun memories with her, ones that I know I will laugh about for years to come, and ones that I’m sure will bring a tear or two, but that’s what memories and dogs do to you, they steal your heart.

She found Rene's sock...

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  – Roger Caras

She'd lay on any pillow that landed on the floor

She was born on July 15th 2003, and came to live with us temporarily in October of ’03 as a friend needed us to keep her until he found her a home (I think it was his plan all along, as we were not going to let her go once we had her), we already had Evo, and he loved her from the start, they were instant best friends, she respected that this was his house she was coming into, but soon stole his heart as she did ours.  TC came along in March of 2005 and while Evo didn’t care for him right away, she loved her new little brother, and he knew he had her, boy he didn’t hesitate to push her around, and she let him.  Everyday we would have to watch her eat, as he would have no problems pushing her out of her way to eat her food, he was such a bully to her sometimes, but she didn’t care, she loved him, as he loved her.

Resting her head on me...Fed 16th 2012

Eve you were a blessing to have in our lives and we love you more than you will ever know.

Me and Eve taken Feb 16th 2012..our last picture together

She loved the camera, and riding in the car, this was the last of both!!!

Love Mom, Dad, Evo and TC


Author: Raelynn

Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

4 thoughts on “Eve….

  1. Raelynn, I’m so sorry for your loss. It will be very hard for a long time, as you know. Peace.

  2. beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl…we will miss Evie very much…run free sweet girl…love grandma<3

  3. We were so sorry to hear about your losing Evie. Know she will be missed.
    Love G & G

  4. OMG…that last picture of her in the car about made me lose it. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that was for you guys. I’m so sorry. 😦 She just looked so sad though, so I think you’re right to believe that she is much happier now and in a better place. 🙂 Good for you for being strong for her and making the right decisions even though it is terribly difficult. I remember having to drive Melmer in to be put to sleep, I thought I’d never stop crying. I dread the day I have to say my good byes to Sophie, even though she stinks something fierce right now 😉 Miss you and love you Lynnie.

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