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Wall Paper “Art” Work

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~I will start off by saying I love me some Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick …I totally stole…NO borrowed this idea from her, and I wanted to share with you how mine came out and the process of making them.

What you’ll need:

Canvases (like what an artist paints on) any size you’d like, but remember if you go wider than the wall paper you’ll have a seam (maybe it wont be noticeable, but maybe it will)

Paint-able Wall Paper – got mine at Lowe’s, most Home Depot’s do not stock wall only. (it should have glue on back already)


Paint Brush

Staple Gun (with staples, obviously)

~First you need to measure out your wall paper to fit your canvas, you’ll want it to wrap around all sides to the back so it can be stapled down.

~I did this in my bathroom, I filled the tub with luke warm water and placed the wall paper I cut in the tub, glue side down (don’t worry if you get the top wet…it will be OK) and then placed the wall paper on a towel and folded together to let the glue get sticky (follow package instructions for hanging the wall paper).

~The instructions for the wall paper I got said to leave it folded together for about 5 minutes. I did that and then peeled one side back and slowly placed the glue side down on the canvas, and then peeled the other side and placed it down on the canvas as well, try to work out any air bubbles that come along as you place it down.

~Place the canvas on a flat work surface, with a towel down, and pull the sides around to the back and staple down, I folded mine like I was wrapping a birthday present, for me of course! And I wasn’t stingy on the staples either!!

~I let mine dry overnight to make sure that they are good and dry before I painted them, also…about every 15 minutes or so after I was done stapling them, I would check on them to smooth air bubbles to the side that came along.

 I also had my guard dog watching them dry too….

~I then gave them each two coats of paint, letting them dry thoroughly in between since I had NO idea how a few coats of paint would act on wall paper, I didn’t want it to rip or get all crappy lookin’.

In all their glory….

My mom also did this with my leftovers…here’s what she did, isnt it pretty!!!




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Born in small town South Dakota, raised in Sin City Las Vegas, now living in Mile High is my adventure and I'm sharing it here, one project, one recipe, one day at a time.

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