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Quick Classic Berry Tart

This tart is the perfect tart for the 4th of July…colorful, tasty, and all American in color!! I used Dories sweet tart dough and I must admit I ate some it…raw…taste like sugar cookie dough, SO GOOD! I almost didn’t want to make the tart just so I had an excuse to eat the dough…pathetic I know!!!

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Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

You can NEVER go wrong with brownies so I just had to make these!

I must first start off by saying, growing up the brownies my mom made were not gooey, more on the cake-y side but always had a thick layer of some sort of chocolate frosting, not like a frosting you use for a cake, but a firmer version a tad of granieness from the sugar….OH I dunno but they BY FAR are my most FAVORITE brownies EVER!!!

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